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Rhinestone Cuff
  • Rhinestone Cuff


    This vintage unisex bracelet of the 1960s is sensible and versatile. Adorned with glistening rhinestones, one can wear this piece anywhere. This simple yet elegant bracelet is expandable, meaning it will fit practically every sized wrist. It is perfect for anyone who loves to dazzle with their jewelry choices, especially for those that wish to be the center of attention, at whatever thrilling event they are attending. 

    • Composition & Care

      Silver metal with rhinestones. Costume jewelry.

      5" closed, expands to 14"

      Clean with warm water and dish soap.

    • Sustainability

      We source vintage accessories to continue to use what has already been produced in this world. We do this in the hopes that it may find a new purpose and home instead of being replaced by a new version of the same item. The items are carefully selected to ensure a high level of quality. Please note that older items require slightly more care, but should be used and appreciated as part of your wardrobe.

    • Shipping & Returns

      Calculate your standard shipping cost at checkout. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 14 days of receiving your product, you may return the item(s). Customer must cover shipping costs. As long as there is no sign of wear or damage, a full refund will be issued. Products are shipped in 100% recycled boxes & tissue paper.

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