Allison Fern Clausius


Fern Clausius

- Founder and Creative Director of FERN New York - 

A sustainable, luxury lingerie & eveningwear maison emphasizing a daring expression of femininity. 


Fern is a 2019 graduate of the couture Intimate Apparel design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  


Growing up in the Midwest, fashion was always a dream world to Fern. Magazines like CR Fashion Book and Vogue Paris influenced the way she thought about design, and inspired her to join a new generation of designers dedicated to bringing back a sense of nostalgia to fashion with a dedicated focus on historic details and structure. Upon a trip to France at age 16, Fern discovered an affinity for Dior and the French language. She realized that by launching her line rooted in traditional French construction methods and using her trained eye to photograph and visualize the world she desired to create, she could inspire others to express their individuality through couture apparel. 


The introduction of Intimate Apparel design unveiled a world emphasizing structure, silhouette, and sophistication, all characteristics that Fern strives to emphasize. Most influential in her work are the philosophies behind Art Nouveau, Surrealism, classic cinema and early 20th century fashion. With additional background in sustainability research, Fern aims to positively influence the luxury and mass market industries and the way they approach attention to design and a garment’s environmental impact. Fern’s passion for Creative Direction ultimately led her to the launch of her brand FERN in November of 2020, and has also inspired her independent publication of two magazines and her first silent film Saunt-HER in 2021. 

Photo by Carla Van de Puttelaar