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FERN New York is a sustainable luxury lingerie & eveningwear maison, committed to celebrating femininity regardless of gender. Our mission is to integrate the traditional French artistry of couture in the city of New York in a way that helps clients explore and express their sexuality and unique gender expressions. 


Intimate apparel is one of the strongest tools for personal expression and self-discovery, especially for people in the LGBTQ+ community. FERN’s focus on custom-made pieces, fabricated in the most luxurious, natural textiles for the modern femme, allows the company to combat overproduction and instead create small batches of unique pieces for clients that are meant to last. 


All pieces are currently made in New York by Fern of remnant fabrics and laces, paired with consciously sourced textiles. Committed to local production and the artistry of fashion, Fern aims to play a part in revitalizing the New York fashion industry while providing demand for its specialized lingerie artisans.



Early on, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) graduate (2019) Allison " Fern" Clausius realized her purpose; to preserve the beautiful and exclusive fashion realm that she grew up admiring from the Midwest, and learned about through her early French studies and travels. Developing collections, visualizing, and photographing the world she desired to create, she could inspire others to express their individuality and creativity through couture apparel.


During her BFA program at FIT, she specialized in Couture Intimate Apparel, opening an entirely new world of design. Garnering experience designing for Kiki de Montparnasse and working for Saks Fifth Avenue’s photography studio, Fern developed her eye for design and is taking this with her as she continues producing fashion collections, photography and film. With additional background in sustainability research, rooting back to her placement as a finalist in the 2015 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her solar powered dress, Fern aims to positively influence the way the fashion industry approaches design and a garment’s environmental impact.


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