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At FERN, we work with the top most luxurious materials to ensure that your garment fits beautifully and honors the craft of quality textile construction.

Along with purchasing one of our luxury pieces, comes an increased responsibility of care. With each garment you'll receive a note detailing the proper care instructions. Here though, you'll always have the information to reference and apply to your entire luxury wardrobe. Following the steps below should help ensure that your garment stays in beautiful condition as you live and love in it.

General Garment care recommendations:
-hand wash in lukewarm or cold water using a natural, gentle detergent. Some garments are recommended dry clean only.
-Do not wring or machine dry your garments. Carefully hang them (wovens) or lay flat (knits) and air dry in shade.
-Iron garments inside out
-Never place a bra in a washing machine or dryer as this will damage the fibers, the cup structure, and can cause the underwire to pop out.
-Avoid non-smooth surfaces that could snag your garment

If you have any further questions, please email us, DM on instagram or reach out via our chat plug-in.


No need to be afraid of caring for a silk garment. 
Silk provides the opportunity for creation of soft and breathable garments that naturally regulate body temperatures.To wash, it is recommended to either dry clean or hand wash the material with a delicate, natural laundry detergent. Do not use extreme temperatures with silk - washing it in cold water is best, especially to decrease chance of color loss. Do not wash with other colors to prevent discoloration. Do plan on a short soak period and air dry flat. Do not wring dry. For any stains, it is recommended a dab of dish soap be applied to the spot and gently rubbed before emerging it into the water. To iron, do so on the interior of the garment at approximately 110° and minimize steam. Do not wash pleated silk.

Treat lace similarly as you would your silk. Hand wash in cold water with natural detergent. Please note that some stiffer laces will lose some of their body after 1-2 washes, so to preserve the structure keep washing to a minimum. Lace is very delicate and should be treated as such, especially when ironing. Keep the iron relatively cool (around 110°) and lightly press on the lace. To prevent stains or transfers of dirt on the iron to the garment, it is recommended to use a pressing cloth (such as a piece of 100% silk organza).

Our synthetic blends allow for a form-fitting garment including fibers like Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester. To wash, it is recommended to hand wash the material with a delicate, natural laundry detergent, or put in washing machine on a delicate cycle. Wash in medium-cold water for lower impact to environment and to preserve color dye. We recommend all garments be air-dried flat including our synthetic-based garments.

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