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La Cage Corselette - Masculin
  • La Cage Corselette - Masculin


    Discover the captivating allure of the "La Cage" Corselette, a modern interpretation of the classic corseted-waspie silhouette. This piece artfully plays with negative space, featuring exposed panels between the bone channels. 


    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the La Cage Corselette is made from luxurious silk, ensuring a sensuous feel against the skin. The adjustable corset lace-up in the back allows for a personalized fit.


    La Cage Corselette Masculin offers a masculinized version with a square body silhouette. Tailored to enhance the natural square body shape of more masculine figures. 

    The corselette acts as a transformative layering piece to be added over suit jackets, dresses, or blouses, or simply paired with lingerie, it effortlessly adds contrast and enhances your silhouette, making it the most versatile and distinctive piece in the collection.


    Content: 100% Silk (exclusive of trims), nickel grommets


    Made in New York



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