Our products are produced with special attention to quality of materials to ensure long lasting products you can feel safe investing in for the long run. When possible, materials and trims are sourced from garment district remnants and vintage bolts of fabric. Because of limitations of fabric yardage, certain styles will be one-of-a-kind. Others will be continued styles in substitute fabrics. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, availability and access to remnants at this time is more limited, so they are used when possible. Each product description includes this information. We aim for full transparency and detail each product with the origin of each material. 


Designs are produced by FERN, on a 1970s Kenmore sewing machine. Due to Covid-19, FERN is temporarily based out of Ohio.

Additionally, our vintage pieces are carefully curated to encourage investment in well-made, pre-existing products which decrease cost to the environment. Instead of producing products that already exist, FERN strives to find vintage accessories new homes to prevent unnecessary production of more products to fill our over-saturated world. 


All packaging and tissue paper is 100% post-consumer recycled product, and packaging tape 100% biodegradable, to ensure we are not contributing to the unnecessary production of new cardboard products. We encourage all packaging materials to be recycled after use, or repurposed.



Designer & Art Director

Raised in Toledo, OH, trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and Polimoda in Florence, Italy


Discover our 2020 research article on unique sustainability issues

that the intimate apparel industry faces.

Based on her late-2018 senior thesis report, Fern compiled the most pressing issues and most current research updates from 2020, into an article to educate and inform clients and brands about the sustainability issues that the intimate apparel industry uniquely faces. It also includes what we can do to change it. As a consumer, you have the power to ask your favorite brands to make a change. As brands, it's our job to listen. As FERN New York expands as a brand, we look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas about how we can continue to grow in our sustainability and ethics mission. If there is a brand you know that could benefit from the research below, please download and share our PDF. 

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