A life of lace

Reflections on the significance and beauty of lace -

all that it represents and allows us to feel.

A Life in Lace

Cover me in lace

so that I may see the world through woven white threads.

May their fibers stretch colossal

so that under their guard

I may hide.

And show only grace to those that glance,

and allow more truth for those that search,

and grant me time so that I may choose

what blessings of my being to reveal.

Allowing just enough space for trust to crawl through

and laughter to weave in and out

and for tears to soak the threads

until eventually the lace is rendered useless--

Destroyed by a shower of love

being chosen to receive.

Nolie Rose Wagner

The Origin of Lace

The origin of lace is a mystery of sorts. Historians have semblances of ideas and clues about when and where it started, but none of the traces are definitive. History sometimes gifts us #poetic metaphors.There is no known starting point for an #art form that takes its shape through seemingly beginningless and endless twists, knots, and ties. But that does not mean that there was no beginning and it does not mean that there was no end. And it certainly does not mean that there was not a person who birthed this beauty into existence--who experimented, played, struggled, and maybe beamed with pride when they finally finished their precious and delicate creation.

What a gift this mysterious product of imagination has given us: a reminder that though the turmoil and celebration of beginnings may go unseen or undocumented, the aftermath of our creations could be cherished, beloved, and treasured for centuries to come. And on the other hand, if in another universe, the creation of #lace did not travel further than the creator themself, the lack of fame or longevity of a work of genius does not rob it of its inherent beauty or value. The true significance of innovation comes from the experimentation, the play, the struggle, and the pride with which only the #creator can beam, knowing the honest history of their labor of love.

So start something new...give birth to the beauty of your own heart’s creations. Tell no one. Or tell everyone. The genesis of lace has shown us that it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you made something that is undeniably and beautifully yours. And if you need to wear some lace as a reminder of that truth, that’s where #FERN comes in.

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